Adelphi grad opens urgent care center

Dr. Michael Kennedy, an Adelphi graduate who grew up in Searingtown, has recently opened Precision Urgent Care medical treatment center with two other doctors dedicated to ” treat patients like family.”

“it’s sort of like coming home for me. This is where I grew up and I don’t want people to be in an E.R waiting for six hours because they rolled over on their ankle. People can be treated more humanely in a facility like an urgent care center.”
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Kennedy said the treatment center at 210 Old Country Road, will handle non-life threatening medical problems. “Basically this center is for urgent care” designed to treat families who suffer sprained or broken limbs, sore throats, headaches, stomach pains, and cuts and burns. It is also designed to be “kid friendly.” No child wants to go to the hospital and wait five or six hours for a throat culture or to get an X-ray for a sports injury.”

Kennedy’s two partners, doctors James Milano and Dinesh Verma, specialize in emergency medicine and Kennedy, who is also medical director for the Suffolk County Medical Department, specializes in sports medicine. The team collectively has 40 years of emergency room experience and they chose this location because of its proximity to Winthrop-University Hospital in case a patient comes in with a life-threatening medical emergency. Kennedy said, the doctor on duty would immediately refer the patient to Winthrop Hospital.

“I feel fortunate to work with Dr. James Milano and Dr. Dinesh Verma. They are dedicated and exceptionally skilled doctors, who I worked with at St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn and the North Shore Hospital system. Our vision is to create other urgent care centers in Nassau and Suffolk using this design as a model,” stated Dr. Kennedy.

“I spent four years in this area as an Adelphi undergraduate. Who could have imagined that my destiny would return me to work in this town as it’s physician? Nothing could be better than to have an opportunity to be part of this growing community,” said Dr. Kennedy.



210 Old Country Road,
Mineola, New York 11501

Precision Urgent Care


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