FAQ about Urgent Care

Click here for the most Frequently Asked Questions about Urgent care.


Do I need an appointment?

No, Precision Urgent Care is a walk-in facility, but if you wish to schedule and appointment we can do that too.

What do I need to bring in order to receive care?

Your Drivers License, insurance card, list of current medication(s), method of payment, and the contact info of your primary care physician.

Will my insurance pay for my Urgent Care visit?

Call your insurance company for more information. Many insurance companies require copays to receive care. If your copay isn’t listed on your insurance card our staff will assist you in finding it. Please see our “Insurance” tab on the main page of this website for a current list of accepted insurance companies.

What makes Precision Urgent Care different from visiting my primary doctor?

We offer urgent medical attention when your doctor is not available and waiting for their next appointment isn’t an option.

What are the qualifications of the doctors at this center?

Each doctor is board certified, and are trained in Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, and Internal Medicine. These are the same qualified doctors that would treat you at your local hospital. You can learn more about our doctor’s on our “Meet our Doctors” page located on our main page.

How long would I have to wait?

The average wait time for patients is about 10 minutes. Since this is an walk-in facility, people are seen on a first-come-first-serve basis. Depending on the volume of people waiting for care influences the time you’ll be waiting, but we try our best to see you promptly.

What if I have a broken bone or if I need stitches?

We can diagnose fractures with x-rays and splint them until you can visit an Orthopedist for a cast. Currently we do not preform castings at our location but we can refer you to a local Orthopedist to expedite the process. We can stitch most cuts at our center. Depending on the severity of the cut a plastic surgeon may be needed which in that case you and your Urgent Care Physician will weigh your options.



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